Frequently Asked Questions.

On beginning to project a different future, I come to have a different past
— Betty Cannon

Can counselling 'cure' my problems?

Usually a problem is not an isolated phenomenon which can be removed, leaving you as you were, minus the problem. The problem is normally an aspect of your wider stance on the world and it is through examining and challenging this 'bigger picture' that the problem ceases to have the same relevance.

How long and how frequent are the sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes and are usually weekly at the same time each week. It is important to choose an appointment time which fits comfortably with your other commitments so that you can give full attention to yourself during your counselling sessions.

How many sessions would I need?

That obviously depends on the severity of the difficulties you are experiencing and how interested you become in discovering yourself. You can have 'short-term' therapy of between 6 and 12 sessions or you can have 'open-ended' therapy which can go on for months and/or years during which you will have regular reviews to assess how well you are doing. This is something you can discuss at your initial appointment.

Attending an initial appointment does not commit you to further sessions but is a time to consider whether you would feel comfortable working with me. It's important to take notice of your gut feelings. When we first meet we will spend time talking about the difficulties you are experiencing currently, any past history which you feel may be relevant and what you may hope and expect to gain from therapy. We will also discuss what is involved in therapy and how it is different from having conversations with friends.

What happens at an Initial Appointment?

No, although some people find it helpful to keep a journal but this is private and entirely for your own benefit. A journal can take any form - drawings, writing, music - where you can record your thoughts, insights, feelings and dreams between sessions.

Do I have to do homework?

Yes, I will not talk to others about what you share with me except when I am at supervision and then your identity will be masked. The limits to this commitment to confidentiality are if I have a real concern that you intend to harm either yourself or someone else. 

Is it confidential?