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"A good therapist must create a new therapy with every person they see." Irvin Yalom

My name is Jan O'Mahony. I am a fully qualified psychodynamic counsellor (BSc.MBACP) with over 20 years experience, accredited and registered with BACP.

I offer psychodynamic counselling and therapy to people living or working in Central London and Islington. I also offer counselling using VSee or Skype to those who have to travel as part of their work.

My fee is 60 for individuals and 80 for couples. I offer concessions to those who really need it but do not take health insurance. For those with health insurance, please see FAQ

I see people in the following locations:

In Central London:
At 37-41, Gower Street, WC1E 6HH
In Islington, London:
At City Road Therapy, 335 City Road, London EC1V 1LJ
I also see people during the daytime/lunchtime at Terapia Consultancy, 9, Coldbath Square, EC1R 5HL

There is something you need to talk about, but where do you turn?

Talking with friends and family is invaluable, but they are involved in your life and it might feel too risky to expose them to your darker thoughts and feelings. There could be too much at stake. This may be when a counsellor is just the right person to turn to, someone with whom there is nothing at stake. Or it may be less that you have a problem nagging at you, but that you want to review where you are at in your life and explore some of the deeper influences on you, without the interference of others' perspectives.

People have come to me for counselling for a variety of reasons including:

  • Depression and feeling life is pointless and useless
  • Anxiety, agitation, panic attacks and PTSD
  • Trying to please others and feeling invisible and unappreciated
  • Eating disorders
  • The legacy of childhood sexual abuse
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Coping with older age
  • The turmoil of being an adolescent & trying to find your place in life
  • The impact of being adopted
  • Couples experiencing difficulties and conflicts.
  • Counselling and Therapy can help you to:

  • clarify and articulate what you are thinking and feeling
  • see how your past influences & continues to affect your present life
  • see what part you play in your relationships to others and the world
  • face painful and difficult feelings
  • prioritise what is most important to you so you can look forward with greater confidence.
  • What is Psychodynamic Counselling?

    Put briefly, psychodynamic counselling stresses the significance of our early childhood experience in shaping our patterns of relating and our sense of self. It highlights how these patterns are still active in our adult relationships, even though we are unaware of them and they may no longer reflect our adult status. By noticing and becoming more aware of your taken-for-granted expectations and attitudes, and the ways in which you interpret the world and your place in it, you can make adjustments to this 'world view' which will serve you better.

    A Couple of Comments from Past Clients

    "Wow! What a relief it is to discover me and operate from there, rather than dance around trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be. Going to therapy has been so worth it." Mike Joseph

    "I started therapy feeling resistant and uncomfortable - "I shouldn't need this!". But gradually I realised it wasn't about correcting a fault but of getting a picture of the patterns I have developed throughout my life which make me see things, and me, in a particular way. I'm finding myself quite interesting!" Sara Chau

    "I highly recommend Jan. She is a real person with a good sense of humour as well as having great insight. I felt at ease from the first session." Daniel Campbell

    A Ted Talk of interest and Youtube animation

    Julian Baggini "Is there a real you?" is well worth watching. In this talk Julian Baggini challenges the idea that we have a fixed core self, and argues that we are ever-evolving processes. To view this talk CLICK HERE

    "Why our partners drive us mad" is a 6 minute animation about how our child/parent relationship influences our choice of partner. To view with talk CLICK HERE

    If you would like to contact me Click Here to E-mail me

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